Many scuba divers who have visited our region say there is as much to see under water as there is above it. There are nearly 20 known shipwrecks to explore in our waters and we're known for having some of the best fresh water diving you will find throughout the world. See also our Scuba Diving page for additional helpful links to underwater wrecks.

Shipwrecks include: Muscallonge, Fleur Marie, Brockville Wall, Daryaw Drift, Gaskin, Lillie Parsons, H.P. Bigalow, John B. King, Kings Horn, Keystorm, America, Vickery, Robert Peel, Conestoga, Torpedo Run, Rothesay, Rockport Wall and Ash Island. For more information on these wrecks and their accessibility, Dive Brockville has a comprehensive listing on its website.