On the Water

Fishing on the St. Lawrence RiverIf you enjoy water sports and touring, scuba diving, fishing or cruising, waterways and lakes in Leeds Grenville are world renowned. Only in this area can you do your favourite on-the-water activity on the mighty St. Lawrence River, repeat it along the Rideau Canal and take your enthusiasm for your sport to our inland lakes. We feel we have it all here when it comes to interesting boating thoroughfares.

To help you find what you're looking for during your stay in Leeds Grenville we have included an informative drop-drop menu (see it in the menu at left) on boating, cruises, fishing, kayaking and canoeing, scuba diving and swimming. On each of these pages is a searchable database to help you locate a business by community or by category. Please let us know if we have missed a business you feel should be included under any of these categories.

Enjoy our waterways, our 24 inland lakes and our numerous on-the-water activities as well as some of the best fresh water scuba diving in the world. Stay safe and always have a life vest when you are on the water.